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LSPS Christmas Party 2011


This year the Lakeland Sail and Power Squadron had our Christmas party with the Winter Haven Nautical Club.  Many of us are members of both organizations.  It was a great way to reduce some of the craziness many of us experience during the busy holiday season.  As usual, gifts were exchanged and then donated to Toys for Tots.  We got our laughs selecting a toy which reminding us in some way of the recipient, and then the toy will live it's life making a child happy.  Definitely a win win for us (a bit of fun to be poked at a fellow member and friend, and donations to a great charity)

June 2011 C&R at the Littrell's Home


2011 Orange Cup Regatta

Another year, another Orange Cup Regatta!.  This year was a huge success.  With the help of the Winter Haven Nautical Club, we servers several hundred hamburgers, cheese burgers and hotdogs.  The LSPS brought in over $1000 to the accounts which will be used to fund all the educational courses and activities offered to the public.

Also this year, Ben Valich and Kayla Dodd both worked the event to earn community service points.  Both did a great job and had a bunch of fun working with the LSPS.

2011 Change of Watch

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